AppleOne Banawa Heights, Good Shepherd, Banawa, Cebu City, philippines

We have still few units available for sale at AppleOne Mansionettes,Villas and in towers.
Live like you’re in San Francisco, in a condominium which looks like mansions and villas…the inspiration derives from the vibrant spirit and colorful living of the San Francisco Bay Area.
Aerial view of the entire community…so nice, Isn’t it?
For inquiries and for reservations, just call my mobile phone and I will be glad to assist you... +639991829934 or +639068917103
The Mansionettes entrance… there are three entrance gate in this community…one for the tenants of Mansionettes, for the tenants of Villas, and one for the tenants of the towers.
Call... +639991829934 or +639068917103, just for further information and for your reservation.
Here I can let you visit our different model units… and all our units will be delivered as finished.
Call me: +639991829934
Amenities for the different tenants are separated to the place where they belong.
Call me: +639991829934
here you can mingle with your friends through their multi function hall named gazebo, also to their Al Fresco CafĂ© and more…
just call: +639991829934...for inquiries and for reservations
This is the aerial view of their master plan. You can notice that there are five swimming pools present in this 2.8 hectare project.

apple one amenities1458469_1468290973430305_3881196633887143055_n

All of the tenants will have their own access because they use the keyless security system.
A condominium that looks like a Mansion.. You have only one neighbor outside your door. Price Range: Php3.6M – 4.2M, Reservation: P25,000 only, Equity is payable for 48 months, Foreigners can own this easily… bearing their real name as the Owner. Just contact me…+639991829934 or +639068917103
Call/Text...+639991829934 or +639068917103
This unit features are guaranteed to be present upon the delivery of each unit as Finished.
Unique type of condominium...It looks like Villas.
The Villas…Price Range: Php2.5M – 2.9M, Reservation: P25.000, Equity is payable for 36 months and can be owned thru PAGIBIG or thru Bank Financing. Just call me and I will be glad to help you…+639991829934 or +639068917103


Call me...+639991829934 or +639068917103
The higher the floor the more you enjoy the panoramic view from the place afar.


The actual location of AppleOne Banawa Heights, Good Shepherd, Banawa, Cebu City
The actual location of AppleOne Banawa Heights, Good Shepherd, Banawa, Cebu City

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